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The Ontario Public Works Association is pleased to continue with the next session of our 2020 webinar series. 

Addressing the Stormwater Management Crisis in Urban Ontario (Southdown Grid Project)  

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020
 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EST

Credit Valley Conservation  (CVC) is currently evaluating the technical and financial feasibility of implementing communal ‘Green Infrastructure - Low Impact Development (LID) practices on private lands.  Instead of retrofitting each property individually we are looking at aggregating properties to build a communal system that is shared between multiple landowners.  This means that each property owner does not need to hire their own engineer to plan/design the facility, their own contractor to build, nor their own operation/maintenance provider to maintain the system.  Through collaboration, economies of scale and cost sharing can occur to achieve reduced flood risk and improve stormwater management.  This approach also looks at the established Drainage Act process for ideas on how capital and O&M costs can be apportioned to the landowners in a fair and equitable manner.  This innovative project is being piloted in southwest Mississauga and includes thirteen (13) industrial-commercial property owners working together.  A dual drainage model (PC SWMM) has been developed for the study area to model different retrofit scenarios.

Here is a link to a factsheet about the project :
Addressing the Stormwater Management Crisis in Urban Ontario; Aggregated Private-Public Land Green Infrastructure Retrofits

For more information :
Aggregated, Communal Approaches to Green Infrastructure Implementation

Speaker BIO's
Shannon Malloy
Shannon Malloy is a Specialist with the Integrated Water Management team at Credit Valley Conservation. Shannon began her career at CVC in 2013 and monitored low impact developments to verify performance and track maintenance needs. Her current role focuses on supporting innovative stormwater management studies as well as collaborating with municipal partners on all phases of low impact development implementation projects.
Rohan Hakimi
Rohan Hakimi is an Engineering Specialist working as part of the Integrated Watershed Management team at Credit Valley Conservation. As part of this team, he provides technical support for the implementation of green infrastructure, low impact development and pollution prevention projects to improve community resiliency and to protect the environment. Prior to his time at CVC, Rohan worked abroad in irrigation and water management. Rohan obtained his bachelor’s and master’s in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph.
Phil James P. Eng.
Phil is the Manager of the Integrated Water Management (IWM) division at Credit Valley Conservation. The IWM team works closely with a variety of different watershed stakeholders including municipalities to address complex issues such as climate change, urban development, and intensification of existing urban area.  Implementation of green infrastructure low impact development practices within new and existing developed areas helps to build infrastructure resiliency, protect the environment and support the green economy.  Many of the projects that Phil’s team are involved with require overcoming barriers to successful and wide scale implementation of green infrastructure.  This is mostly achieved through coordinated and collaborative partnerships where resources, knowledge and experiences can be shared and leveraged.

This webinar is sponsored by the OPWA Education Committee

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